Bergeron Never Fails for the Boston Bruins


Patrice Bergeron has been a truly remarkable member of the Boston Bruins. He was drafted by the B’s as the 45th overall pick in the 2003 NHL Draft. Since then, the 28 year old has become the face of the franchise. Every year, he spearheads the Bruins’ efforts on the both sides of the ice; Bergeron has generally been considered one of the best two-way players in the league. His level of consistency throughout the years has been noted, especially in his year-to-year statistics. Bergeron’s plus-minus ratio has been negative for only one season in his entire career, and he has never scored below 57 points in a season when he has played at least 77 games.  Bergeron has always been a hard worker. He loves playing for the Bruins, and this summer, he restructured his contract to stay in Beantown for eight more years. Regardless of his future age, I’m confident that Bergy will constantly bring his exceptional drive and determination to the ice.

Bergeron and his forward line in 2014

Bergeron and his forward line, in particular, have been on fire lately.  Reilly Smith,Brad Marchand and Bergeron have successfully fused their talents to put up three goals and six assists in the past two games. Last night, Bergeron had a goal and one assisst in a 6-3 rout over the New York Islanders. “It wasn’t the type of game that we like to play,” said Bergeron. “They are a team that likes that. That run-and-gun type of game is not really our style.” The talented forward’s technique changes from moment-to-moment. Viewers may see the Canadian veteran as a tough grinder one minute, smashing a huge defenseman ruthlessly against the boards. The next minute, he glides along the ice as a crafty finesse player. His ability to adapt to his opponent is unparalleled, and with Marchand and Smith playing alongside him, Bergeron could end up with another Stanley Cup in his hands.



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